Agenda module the functionality it offers.

                Right now our hectic pace seem to be growing each day. With work piling on top of us, we try to squeeze in the little social life that we have. What usually happens to most people is that we tend to forget assignments that are coming up due or appointments with friends. This storm of vast information can cause a great deal of stress on us. Yet there is help. In Drupal Modules located in the event section is a module called Agenda.

                Agenda is a module that takes  events from your Google calendar and put it into its program for you. Now it might not seem as much, but  what it does is interesting. It takes all the information that you have in your calendar and turns it into blocks that is much easier to read on your website. This makes it a more robust way of screening through all your appointments. You can also change the themes of your calendar to your own personally taste. This module is quite popular in the Drupal community. Since its creation,  the module has been download  over 29,000 times. Not too shabby for an event module.

                It might feel like there is never enough time in the day, but the agenda module is a  little program that can organize our day and give us the reassurance that we need in our daily life.

Chris Corke